Animals love us with constant hearts. They offer us pure joy,
a place to love with simplicity and purity. Julia Cameron,
What to expect from a session
Regardless of whether your session is with an animal or human, either in body or in spirit, some communicate quite clearly.  I hear words in complete sentences and the being sends clear images.  Others prefer to show me just images
and symbols that will mean something to the human with whom I am doing a reading.

I prefer not to see a picture of the animal or human.  I want the being to be able to present themselves as they see themselves at the time of the reading.  For example, I read a cat in body that thought she was just the most fluffy cat ever
and said she had to continually rub on people so they could experience the magnificence of her fluffiness.  When I saw her photo she did was not nearly as fluffy as I expected.  It doesn't matter.  That is how she views herself.

When I read, I ask that my clients be open to any and all beings that may be present to give them the messages they need to hear.  Everyone is welcome to the party.  Sometimes a person or animal may come into the reading that the
human did not expect but they do it for a reason.  I read someone and a man dressed in professional attire kept appearing and the person she was not aware of who this person was.  The person said he was someone with whom she
had worked.  He said he had a disorder that made him twitch.  Further on in the reading, my client remembered a former boss from a long time ago.  He had Parkinson's Disorder and was not always nice.  He came through for his own
healing to apologize to her for the way he treated her.  He said his disorder and his medications caused him to have really bad days.  She finally remembered the person.

We go into the reading with open minds and open hearts.  We trust that those supporting us during the reading may not always give us the messages one wants to hear but it always seems the person receives the messages they need
for their own healing.