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Living with animals can be a wonderful experience, especially if we choose to
learn the valuable lessons animals teach through their natural enthusiasm,
grace, resourcefulness, affection and forgiveness.
— Richard H. Pitcairn
In memory of Baxter, King of his Domain
Bax and his buddies doing what they
love most... being water dogs!
I want to thank all of the clients who have provided me with such touching testimonials. For people visiting my site for the first time, I've added the story about what was going on with the animals before the session. I feel
first-time visitors to my site will find this helpful and informative.
As I prepared for this session, three things came to mind immediately.  A Gorilla, a Bunny and the words Water dog kept repeating.  When my client called, I told her
this and she said she walked with the Gorillas in the rain forest of Africa, her dog Baxter loved to chase rabbits and had lived on an island and wanted to be a water
dog again.  That was going to be her first question.  Did Bax miss the water and he did.
Joey getting ready for his nap
Lilly and her "fur babies"
When contacted by this client, she had lost her dog just two months ago and his doggy brother Joey was missing him like crazy. She adopted little Lilly to keep Joey
company in the hopes that it would calm his separation anxiety. As we found out during the session, Lilly had separation anxiety of her own and with the two of them
combined, it became a huge problem. My client was getting complaints from the neighbors that the dogs were barking most of the day. This combined with her grief
want to state clearly that I am not opposed to conventional training but barking modification is usually only successful when the human is present. Joey was torn and
confused. Should I miss my brother? Should I be taking care of my Mom? What do I do to take care of Lilly? All this when he should enjoy being Joey and enjoying
his new sister. I told Joey of course he was allowed to miss his brother but he was not the man of the entire family. His Mom is the big one and he and Lilly are the
little ones. It's her responsibility to see that they are all taken care of, including herself. Lilly was grieving and anxious because her puppies were taken away from her
too soon. She was still hormonal and still lactating. My client told me she had taken to sitting on her stuffed animals as substitutes for her babies whom she missed
terribly. I told Lilly that was perfectly fine. We do what we need to to get over our grief. Joey and Lilly have made amazing progress since our session. No more
excessive barking. No more stress and anxiety. Mom is much happier and relaxed as well. This family is on their way to healing and I'm glad I could be part of it.
I was referred to Karen for help in dealing with the loss of a pet ~ he left behind a brother, Joey, who was grieving and suffering from separation anxiety.  Karen
spent an hour with Joey, Lilly and I and very calmly helped all of us to realize that our house was full of stressful energy and sadness, and gave us suggestions
and exercises  to help calm our lives down.  With her guidance and amazing insight, Joey has made great strides in overcoming his grief and enjoying his life
again.  He is calmer, and happier ~  with the brightness back in his eyes.  We recently welcomed a new little girl pup into our lives, Lilly.  While she came to us
with her share of “baggage”, we have no doubt she will fit right in….with the help of Karen, of course.  Lisa, September 2014
I so enjoyed hearing the story of my client's amazing experience of walking with the Gorillas.  Suddenly she came across a Silverback and his family.  The Gorilla
approached her. Silverbacks usually kill anyone near their family but he only pushed her to the ground.  She often was trapped in Africa. People scheduled for
execution knocked on her door and asked for sanctuary. She could not turn them away. Daily the Rwandan soldiers did house-to-house searches and she never
understood why they never came to her door except for the power of prayer. Not so. The Silverback later told me that he saved her life on that mountain to prepare
her for just this purpose. He said he sent the energy of Silverbacks that had gone before him to surround the house with their energy. Her encounter with the
Silverback now made sense. In her words, brought life back to him that my client hadn't seen in awhile.

I really appreciate Karen's gift.  She not only saw into my Baxter's life but she saw significant passages into mine as well.  She helped me see King Bax for
who he is and what he loves.  Her insight helped Bax make his needs known to me and I have acted on them which has resulted in a much happier Baxter.  
Thank you Karen for your kindness and patient help.  His majesty Bax thanks you too!  July 2014
I'm so happy that I had an animal communication session with Karen. She has amazing abilities that can help many people. She certainly helped me. Grieving the loss of my first pet was
devastating.  I felt so much guilt which made the grieving process more difficult.  I wanted to bring another animal in my life but was hesitating.
Karen is able to read between the lines and she said my guilt was a pattern in my life especially at work.  I had a person at work that was constantly trying to undermine me.  When Karen
picked up on that, I viewed the situation differently. I now focus on my strengths and talents rather than the negative energy of this person.  I feel that a weight has been lifted since our
session and I am viewing aspects of my life differently.  I am thankful to have a new animal in my life. I feel lighter and more peaceful since our session. Thank you Karen. This whole
experience has been such a blessing.
~ Traci, 2016
Karen is amazing! We had been dealing with house training problems with our 18-month old puppy and despite all of our efforts weren’t seeing any results. Because of her personalized, loving and attentive work our puppy is
fully house trained! Karen did a home visit with us where she spent an extensive amount of time getting to know us, our puppy and the environment. She spoke lovingly
and clearly to him. She also gave us a lot of good ideas and followed up with even more afterwards. It was extraordinary to watch the immediate differences with our puppy’s behavior following Karen’s visit. Right away we
noticed that he was starting to eliminate in the backyard and within a few days it was his new routine. Now, it’s normal. What a huge difference!  Karen’s gift of communicating with animals is amazing and tangible results come
from it. Her true love for animals shines through in how she works with them with such respect and affection.
I highly recommend her and will definitely hire her again.  ~ Heather, 2016
Traci's ultra cute Barnabus
Best Buddies!