Karen Muranko
Animal Communicator, Medium, Reiki Master
Animals Speak to Me
Animal Communication Services
If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a
great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the
beasts also happens to the man. All things are
connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the
sons of the Earth.  Chief Seattle of the Suwamish
Tribe, letter to President Franklin Pierce
1/2 hour:                  $  60.00
1 hour:                      $100.00
On-site sessions:  $120.00
Sharing Circle:        $ 40.00
Animals have always been an important part of my life  They were my companions when I was sick.  They listened patiently to my stories during the sometimes
difficult moments in my life.  My current cat Chloe now holds that place in my home and in my heart.  She is unique just like her Mom.  She knows I can
communicate and understands that I do this to help other animals as I did for her.  Although fully grown and four years of age, she was sick and injured and
weighed just five pounds when I saw her outside our apartment complex.  Even her tail was skinny.  After major surgery to remove all the infection and diseases
she had, she is a healthy, happy full-figured girl.

It was in 2007 that my abilities re-emerged.  One day as I sat on the couch in my vet's office, the dog next to me put his paw on my shoulder.  I heard, “My name
is Piper.  I ate something that I cannot digest or eliminate and I think I need something to help me get it out of my tummy”.  I told the vet what Piper said.  When I
called later to check on him, the veterinary assistant told me that is exactly what happened.

I feel that my ability to communicate with animals is such a blessing.  It allows me to help and heal animals and their families.  I feel it is a way of universally
thanking all animals that have been part of my life.  Nothing gives me greater joy than to bring peace and harmony to an animal and its human family.  Every time
I finish a session I feel enormous gratitude for my gift.  I look forward to sharing that gift with you and yours.

Combining Reiki with Communication

Recently, I've started combining Reiki with communication to amplify the benefits of behavior modification.  Using Reiki energy, I work with the animal and help
him or her create a new story.  For example, if an animal is shy and timid, I create a story where the animal is brave and feels powerful.  When the animal
chooses to read their new story, and it is their choice, the results are pretty amazing.

As a Reiki Master, I have the ability to continue working with animal even when I am not physically with them.  I can ask that, if the animal is open to it, they view
their story on a regular basis and see if it is something that feels comfortable for them.  Together we fine-tune their individual story to help them modify the
behavior that is holding them back.   When the animal chooses to do this, amazing changes happen very quickly.
Specializing in animals:
Experiencing aggression
Who are behavior modification resistant
Experiencing stress, anxiety and depression
Experiencing inappropriate elimination habits
I also connect humans with their animals who are in spirit
Gift certificates available
Now offering private readings for events
write 2016
Please be patient as I add to my website sharing more stories and new services.
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